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Do you want Tom Malinowski representing you in Congress?

So do we!  We are constituents of Congressional District 7 - the one we helped win and push Leonard Lance out of Congress!

We care about what happens in our community, our district, our state, and the nation.  And we have a plan to keep Tom in office, working on the issues important to us. 

Our first action will be to write postcards to constituents all across Congressional District 7 - this action will be deployed on July 2021

First we need to raise the $6,000 to design and print the postcards AND develop the targeted database of addresses.  Can we put some rough figures in here?  

Contribute to the Cost of Postcards and Addresses

and Take the First Step to Re-electing Malinowski for 


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Help us raise $6,000.

Our first step to re-elect Tom.

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