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Event Planning

To gala or

not to gala......

that is the question.

Sometimes, it's not a question.  Maybe you have held a gala for years, have plenty of wealthy supporters who make this night the night of the social season (and giving season). 

The essential question when it comes to event planning is:  Is it worth it?

Does the event make your organization enough money (and are you including all when deciding)?  If your program manager is spending 15% of his/her time on the event you need to include that cost - and worry about the cost to your programs.

Do your events educate your donors about your organization's recent accomplishments and plans for the future?  


Is there a testimonial (moving videos are great) that reconnects your donors to the work you are doing?

This is a great example of a video that educates and moves people about the organization's, Imagine, A Center for Coping with Loss, work.

Need a recipe for success?

Check Out a Sample Project Plan and Event Planning Proposal
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