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The small or emerging nonprofit faces unique challenges finding resources to deliver the programs and services at the heart of their mission.  Act Resource Development can help.

You know what you want to do – assist families with special needs children, cure a disease, help veterans obtain jobs, house and feed people, educate people about an issue and enact positive change. Simply stated make the world a better place. Do you have a clear road map on how to get there? 













Having a well-thought out map to get there is your first step in being able to fulfill your mission effectively and efficiently.

If you’re a young organization (or an older one trying to become more effective),

Act Resource Development can help you get on the road to fulfilling your mission – capably and cost effectively. 

Learn About:    Donor Cultivation     Grants & Sponsors     Event Planning     Strategic Planning    Board Development          
                                                                     Staff & Volunteer Engagement   Marketing & Branding
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