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Grants & Sponsors

Grants and sponsorship are basically two sides of the same coin.

There are foundations and corporations (and foundations funded by corporations) out there that want to do good in their community - for a reason.  Many private foundations are created because wealthy individuals or families want to put their money to good use and ensure that it is used wisely.  Let Act Resource Development help you connect with foundations who support work like yours.

There are businesses and corporations wanting to do good in their community - for a reason.  Many companies want to be associated with the idea of supporting the community and doing good things in the places they do business.  What companies would benefit from aligning their brand with your mission?


These are the companies you should be approaching for sponsorship.

Every nonprofit needs a case for support, prospect research and a grants and sponsorship calendar.

The best place to keep all your information about grants and sponsors is your well-maintained donor database.  If you don't have one of those (we can help with those too) - a spreadsheet will do.

A case for support, in its simplest form, tells potential donors why your organization exists, what good it does and why the donor should support your work.

Once we have the case for support clearly stated, it's time for prospect research.  What foundations and/or companies having philanthropic goals that match up with your case for support?  Finding funder's priorities, application requirements and due dates leads to a comprehensive grants and sponsorship calendar. 

A phone call to the foundation or company is the best place to find out information and start building a relationship of support.  Your nonprofit should have a calendar of due dates in place to approach both grant making and sponsor awarding organizations as part of a well defined resource development plan.

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