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Big plans? Not enough time?  Where to Start

With more than 80 years combined experience helping nonprofits succeed, Act Resource Development can implement your plans and open up more of your time.

The best for step is to sign up for a free 2 hour consultation.

During the consultation we'll ask the following questions and offer solutions!

  • Are you overwhelmed with the need for your organization's services and lack of money to provide them?

  • Do you struggle knowing which donors and revenue streams to focus on?

  • Are your board members supporting your organization the way you feel they should?

  • How would you describe the morale of your staff/volunteers? Are they passionate and committed to the mission, willing to do what is needed for you?

  • Does your database scare you (maybe so much all you have is a spreadsheet somewhere)?  Are you losing valuable talent and opportunities because you lack the time and expertise to track them?

  • Are you really delivering the program and services mandated by your mission?  Have you looked at your efficiency and evaluation procedures, so you can work effectively?

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