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Spring into more fundraising, marketing and more

Too many snow days and not enough sun can really throw me off the goals and objectives I am supposed to be working on right now. Kids are home, there are driveways and sidewalks to clear and do I have enough milk and bread? It's always a bit frenetic.

Working in a nonprofit it seems like there is never a calm season. There's always budgets, events, board meetings, fundraising campaigns, employee issues - oh and then there is the reason your here, your mission.

Do you start every day or week saying "this will be the one?" The one where I will stay mission focused, work on the goals and objectives laid out in the strategic plan because I know that is how this organization will fulfill it's mission. But then another figurative snow day comes along and knocks the rigor out of your routine.

Well, spring is coming. There are calm times in nonprofits and there can be more if we plan as best we can. Act Resource Development can help. Email, message or call us today.

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